episode eight: return of the orchid

in which I launch a daring daylight raid on the care home and, to my surprise, meet little resistance in liberating  both my mother and her rather splendid orchid…

It’s homecoming day.

Can you believe it? I can’t. But there it is on the classic motorcycles calendar bought from the pound shop and pinned to the side of the cooker… Continue reading “episode eight: return of the orchid”

episode ten: the longest day


in which I recount a typical day, look back on those three dates I managed to squeeze in before mum’s escape from the care home and Maisie the dog pays a visit, along with daughters and ex-wife…

Episode ten, The Longest Day…but before I begin, let me just say the clue is in the title. Two weeks in to my new life as a carer, I can already sense the hardest thing about all this is that every day is the pretty much the same, and that’s if things are going well… Continue reading “episode ten: the longest day”

episode eleven: gin and tonic with a zen master

in which my guru shows me how to ‘live in the now’ and I offer thanks by way of a bowl of those cheesy puff-things and an ice cold drink as the sun sinks low in the sky…

Years ago, I became interested in the notion of memory, chiefly because my own is so bad. I love quotes and I collected some at the time which you can see on the website. Quotes that offer a clue as to why memory so often gilds the past, given how things turn out in the end… Continue reading “episode eleven: gin and tonic with a zen master”

episode twelve: I can see clearly now

in which I find time to think about my own future and take the long view on what I might want when the time comes…

It’s the last care call of the day. This is Zara arriving. She’s from Slovakia. She’s been a carer for four years, she’s married to a Brit and has two children. She’s also a qualified chemist, though she can’t practice in the UK and so works as a carer. She’s always jolly, even when I suspect she’s not feeling jolly inside. Which makes her rather marvellous… Continue reading “episode twelve: I can see clearly now”

episode thirteen: arrivals and departures

in which we celebrate an arrival and a departure, comings and goings, death and  a new life…

It’s all good. I’m waiting at the airport for my sister Karen to arrive from Vancouver, just in time for the celebration of life at two o’clock tomorrow afternoon. It’s a flying visit literally, as she used up her holiday entitlement months ago, being here before and after Dad’s death, so this time she’s here on compassionate grounds. Here she is now… Continue reading “episode thirteen: arrivals and departures”

episode fourteen: jelly wobbles

in which jelly, once a special treat for her grand daughters, becomes a threat to mum’s life

It was a day like any other. That’s how it felt when I got up around six-thirty and showered and started to get the medications ready. I had no idea that by the evening I would be alone and angry, without knowing who to blame. But blaming myself…

Continue reading “episode fourteen: jelly wobbles”